Everything you DID NOT know about shooting

Shooting is a fascinating sport. Almost everyone will find something for himself in it, as it has so many faces. Obviously, we have classical sport shooting, cared by the international federation, which evolved from regular trainings, that were designed for combat but with time tend to accent it’s competitive character, clearly distinguishing sport and combat shooting from each other. However, outside of classical competitions (which is very interesting), shooting has many less typical concourses, competitions, some of which are very spectacular.


Here, there are few interesting examples.


3 GUN competition is a very interesting concourse. Depending on organisation, rules can differ significantly. What connects every 3 GUN, is the necessity of passing through a special tour, therefore it is dynamic, not static shooting. It’s not only about precision, but also speed. Score depends on the tactics, therefore competition tends to be very demanding. There are also several formulas which make the whole event even more attractive to audience and competitors.


One of such formulas is military formula. Here, competitors have to consider many factors, including their outfit, add-ons, equipment and overall compatibility. In such concourses, we can observe many people emerging from para-military organisations. From the spectator’s point of view, such event is very attractive.


The same can be said about western formula, which is even more colourful. Here, beside standard tour, there are additional competitions between players. One of the most popular include duelling a mannequin. Additional points can be scored for the outfit, which has to contain at least three elements directly related to Wild West. Obviously, the more the merrier and many competitors are as focused on their looks as they are on mastering shooting technique.


Competitions involving shooting with black powder guns, are also taking place outside of official catalogue of sport shooting events. Typically organised by brotherhoods of roosters, associations focused on cultivation of shooting traditions. They are another concourses in which the whole frame is as important as the shooting itself. Members of such brotherhoods are caring for such things as historical outfits, that’s why they are, for example, shooting dressed in traditional noble regalia.


There is a common belief that shooter has to be an “eagle eye”. However, the best proof that it’s just a myth lies in shooting competitions for blind people. How is that even possible? It looks like we can exclude the sight when successfully shooting, basing our perception solely on what we hear. When aiming, we can actually map the intensity, depending on the position on the target, and therefore correct the aim while successfully shooting. Let’s not forget that blind people tend to have other senses better developed, hearing included. The rest is a typical shooting technique, using the trigger, maintaining the stance and breathing properly. Nowadays, shooting competitions for blind and poorly seeing people are more and more popular.