Shooting range - a great place for all kinds of partie

Polish people fell in love with shooting. Therefore the amount of shooting ranges in our country keeps growing and so does the amount of people willing to visit them. It’s both people who are already seriously into this hobby, they complete courses and want to be sport shooters, and those who just choose active recreation under trainer’s supervision. Because a shooting range simply becomes an interesting place, where you can try something new, something active, spend some nice time. More and more often shooting ranges are also organizing different kinds of parties for companies or promotional events. What kind of event you could organize on a shooting range? Here are just a few ideas.

A promotion of a military book or an action movie or a spy movie. The journalists are getting dozens of invitations for press conferences and promotional events every day. Hence, it is difficult to catch their attention and make them want to come. It’s even more difficult to make them satisfied enough so they are willing to write about it. An invitation to a shooting range is an opportunity to stand out of the crowd. Can a standard press conference brunch compare to shooting a sniper rifle or the famous Kalashnikov? You also have to remember that journalists are usually very active on social media. If they have fun on your event, they will share photos and stories online - and that is a great source of promotion, very often better and more effective than a standard review on a website or in press only.

A party promoting a website or a magazine about healthy lifestyle, extreme sports or just men’s lifestyle. Also in this case an event organized on a shooting range will work perfectly, much better than another banquet, a fine one but a little bit trivial. Shooting means emotions, shooting means rivalry. And that is always engaging and makes the event into a great memory. Which is why parties organized on shooting range are an excellent form of promotion. Especially since it’s also a good place for the photographers to take amazing, dynamic pictures. And that is one more element that raises the chances to get a nice publicity in the media which is, in the end, the main goal of promotion events. 

Another one worth being organized on a shooting range could be an integrating event for the employees of your company. Team building gets more and more popular, especially in big, corporate companies. It requires preparing activities for the team, activities that will keep them engaged, make them cooperate, get them to know each other better and see themselves in a different role than they usually play in the office. A shooting game seems absolutely perfect for such event. Why? Firstly, because most people have never had a chance to do something like this. Which means that for them it will be an exciting opportunity to try something new. Besides, shooting is a good way to blow off steam, which is something that overloaded with stress office workers may definitely need. Add a pinch of rivalry and an element of surprise when it turns out that those you would never suspect of it, have the best results in the end. Training shooting together works perfectly for integrating your employees.

How to organize an event on a shooting range? The best option is to find a venue and a business that specializes in it. Cracow Shooting Academy is a company with a great deal of experience in this field - organizing parties and events, including corporate team building. Their own team is a group of highly-qualified instructors. Shooting is their passion. The events take place in Pasternik, close to Cracow. Apart from standard shooting range infrastructure there is also a pub where somewhat less formal part of the event can be held.