Team Building at… the shooting range!

Team building is a phrase that is commonly used in corporations. What is it about anyway? It comes to building your team the way, that everyone will feel like a team instead of singular entities each working for their own account. To achieve that many events and activities are organised, often involving traveling with other colleagues. When well conducted, team building may allow employees to discover their advantages and disadvantages as a persons, and find their place in team. The important thing is that those roles should be equally valuable and therefore a good assistant is worthy as much as good leader or his right hand. It is also very important that said activities will be an opportunity for staff to know each other better than just a fellow colleagues but true friends. Therefore, the more diverged from everyday work, said activities are, the better.


For example, they can take place on the shooting range. In Cracow, such activities are organized by Cracow Shooting Academy. Company is very well-rounded for those events. It is well equipped and has large area at its disposal located in Pasternik. Second shooting range can be found in Białka Tatrzańska. They are both great places to organise integrational parties for a company, with sleeping on side as it is equipped with conferential rooms, music halls and inn connected to a large garden.


Why is it worthy to organise your team building events on the shooting range?


Shooting is considered an elite sport discipline. Many people don’t have any contact with firearms and know them only from the action movies. Therefore activities on the shooting range will be exciting in their novelty and possibility of trying to do something different. We want that emotions to happen, as they are the best to enhance the bond in the team. It is also not meaningless that on the shooting range, everyone can be someone else than he is during his work days in the company. It is very common occurrence, that the best person is a true black horse of the inner competition. Not confident leader, but rather calm and silent person, for example an accountant. Because, oppositely to known stereotypes, shooting requires focus and tranquillity, rather than testosterone and aggression.


What’s important, activities on the shooting range allow for a competitions of two types. On one hand everyone is competing with their own fears and limitations, trying to be basically better. And on the other hand, they will be comparing they scores with each other. Nowadays, such activities do not require any special experience or strength to start, and everyone – no matter the age, sex or conditions, can be a part of those events. Participants of team building are valuating the loss of stress. And that’s important, because stress levels in case of company employees are nowadays very high.


How does such party looks like?

As we mentioned before, one does not need any specific experience when dealing with firearms. Therefore, on the beginning our instructors are teaching how to use it safely, they explain the mechanisms and also show how to aim and maintain shooting stance. The rules of a shooting range are also learned by participants. Next, everyone is approaching their shooting stations, equipped with protection glasses and ANS headphones. Now it’s a matter of bought shooting packages, but everyone just shoots as many times and with as many weapons as was bought by the company.