How to behave on the shooting range?

Shooting is growing more popular with each day. Recreational shooting with instructor is often chosen and many shooting ranges has it in their offer. This however means, that those places attract much more people not familiar with the rules, applying there. And not obeying such rules may lead to some dangerous situations. 

What should we remember about when we go to a shooting range?
From the moment we enter the area of shooting range to the moment, we leave it, we are bounded by the regulations, such place has. Most shooting ranges has identical ones, as so-called “exemplar” models applies from the authority of ministry. New attendants should be especially well familiar with that document. Even if some of the rules seem to be too restrictive, any attempt on dodging them will be probably strictly punished. Moreover it endangers other present people. 

Is there a thing more important than regulations? Yes! Instructor’s orders. On the shooting range, instructor has a great authority. He basically decides about everything. He’s command means that you can approach a shooting station, he gives the order to load a weapon and shoot. If he commands to stop shooting – you should definitely do just that, no matter what you are thinking at the given moment.

Instructor should be approached with any question, problem or doubt you may have. It is forbidden to, for example, fix a weapon on your own. If we are not sure, that we understood all the instructions well, it is better to ask one more question than to take a risk and do something wrong. He should be also informed about any atypical situation. The rule about preferring cautious approach than quick one applies here as well. 

It is also worth remembering that shooting is a very safe sport, but under the condition of obeying the rules. Most accidents on shooting ranges, which can be observed in social media, derive from actions disregarding the rules. Mostly rules connected with weaponry.

Main safe rules on the shooting range
When dealing with gun, your most important rule is: always treat your weapon as if it was loaded. That’s why you are forbidden to aim at other person, animal or even object, including yourself. Lastly, such brilliant ideas emerge, when taking pictures. Obviously it is known, that unloaded weapon won’t shoot, but it’s more about making a healthy habit.

When transporting a weapon, you should always holster it in proper place or package. Gun should be drawn only on the shooting station. There is also a rule about pointing your gun at the safe place – no matter if you are aiming, or putting it away on the table. Target (or another place pointed by the instructor) is also considered a safe place for the sake of that rule.

When the weapon is already loaded (which occurs only after the proper instructor’s command), it is forbidden to make any unusual movements with it, such as adjusting headphones or protection glasses. It can lead to very dangerous situations. 

When aiming, it is worth remembering that finger should always lay away from the trigger and should be hold, so it won’t slip off. Finger reaches the trigger only when we are ready to shoot.

With those rules in mind you will be having a good time on the shooting range, while it will remain a safe place to everyone, including you.