Team building on a shooting range

People in corporate world are becoming crazy about team building. So what is it about? Well, it’s creating an actual team, building relationships, so your employees become a group, not a bunch of individuals working on their own. To make this happens it became popular to organize events, or trips, usually filled with interesting activities. Good team building gives people an opportunity to get to know each others’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as find their best role in the team. What’s important is not to compare value of those roles - an effective support is just as important as a leader. What’s also crucial is that proposed activities let the people get to know each other better and see themselves as more than fellow employees. Therefore, the more they diverse from everyday job, the better.

One place where team building could take place is a shooting range. In Cracow you can find Cracow Shooting Academy - a company organizing such events. They have all the necessary facilities to prepare a perfect event. First of all it’s a big and perfectly equipped location in Pasternik, just outside Cracow. They also have another venue in Białka Tatrzańska. It’s an excellent spot to organize a company trip. “Zajazd Białczański” offers conference rooms, a room with concert sound system, as well as a restaurant with a garden and of course accommodation. With all of this combined it may serve as a venue for a classic team building trip or a conference or training with an addition of shooting activities. 

Why is it worth it to organize team building on a shooting range?
Shooting is a sport considered as an exclusive one. Many people never had an opportunity to hold a gun - they only know it from action movies. This makes activities on shooting range exciting and extraordinary, giving people a chance to try something new. And the best teams are actually created in an emotional and adrenaline filled circumstances. What also matters is the fact that on a shooting range everyone can show themselves from a totally different perspective than usually. Many times it happens that the person who gets best results is not the one everyone is expecting. Not the self-confident leader with no fear of holding a gun but a calm, modest person you'd never expect to be a good shooter. Against all stereotypes, shooting requires rather focus and cool mind than aggression and burst of testosterone.

What’s important is that training on a shooting range is also a kind of rivalry. On one hand everyone is trying to beat their own record shooting better and better each time; on the other, participants can get competitive among themselves. What also matters is that sport shooting nowadays doesn’t require any specific skills or psychical preparation, so no matter gender, age or physical shape - everyone can be part of it. Participants also often mention that they value such activities, because it’s a great way to blow off some steam, which is important especially for employees of big companies, usually working in stressful environment.

How does a team building on shooting range look like?
As already mentioned, no experience is required. At the beginning the instructors are teaching how to use a gun safely, they explain how does it work and they show participants how to hold the gun properly and how to aim. They also present the rules and regulations of the venue. Next, everyone takes their positions, equipped with protective goggles and soundproof headphones. What happens next depends on the package that you choose, as they include different types of guns and amount of shots for each person. You may either choose the package from the offer or discuss and prepare individual offer, tailored for the participants of the event.