Combat shooting - be like an action movie star!

Do you ever dream about feeling like a star in an action movie? Do you get goosebumps when you imagine yourself shooting out of a riding car? A standard aiming to targets on a shooting range is just not enough anymore, even though you are pretty good at it? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s high time to check out combat shooting trainings.

Cracow Shooting Academy offers quite a variety of trainings that will help you develop skills that you find most important for yourself. But let’s start with what combat shooting actually is. Simply speaking - it’s about shooting in conditions of actual threat. Therefore combat shooting is something that soldiers, policemen or even security workers normally encounter.

In everyday life such situations happen very seldom, however there are people who carry gun for their own protection, meaning that they proved real, permanent threat to their lives or property, on an above average level. Besides, you don’t really have to be under constant threat, you may for example fall victim to burglary, while you are at home. It’s this kind of situations when we can talk about combat shooting.

So what does a training of combat shooting look like? Firstly, the trainings are divided into general and technical ones, with narrowed subject matter. In all of them, however, the main goal is to imitate possible real-life situations in the best way possible. There will be no static exercises on the shooting range. This is a totally different type of training, with a totally different approach and objective. It’s not about showing off with a perfect aim at the target, but hitting the area that will help you effectively push back the attack.

Who are those trainings for? Well, to take part in it, you should already have at least intermediate skills in shooting. There will be no time during the training to learn how to hold the gun properly or what to do with the trigger, so you have to have the basics perfectly mastered.

What kind of trainings will you find in Cracow Shooting Academy’s offer?
Handling of short gun and shooting with one hand. Those can be extremely useful skills. In some situations, for instance in small, narrow rooms there may be no other possibility than shooting with one hand only. You may be also injured in one arm which will make it impossible to use your both hands. During the training you will have an opportunity to train with both dominant and non-dominant hand.

Shooting a short gun in limited visibility conditions will teach you the ability of shooting with no proper light, or even in darkness, using a tactical flashlight. This one is an advanced training.

Shooting in motion is another advanced training available. You will learn how to position your body on the move while firing and you will discover techniques of stepping while shooting. Morever it’s strongly focused on moving in uneven terrain and avoiding obstacles. You will also train a difficult skill of shooting on the move with only one hand, as well as shooting in different directions, depending on the needs.

Shooting a short gun againts several enemies requires advanced skills too. You will learn how to move around while shooting to more opponents, and also how to use a cover in such situation. You will also practise in different kinds of possible scenarios.