Decisive procedures, when opening your shooting range


Opening a shooting range is a growing trend for a own business. And as shooting is becoming more and more popular in Poland it can be your ace in the hole. With growing interest in weaponry, it is more likely that members of various groups will be happy to try recreational shooting for themselves. Shooting ranges are starting to host whole families that want to spend their time together in a very interesting way. Shooting ranges also became a place for many attractional events, promotional parties and company integrational meetings. That’s why, well-rounded businessman may be interested in opening his very own shooting range and accumulate reasonable profits.


How do I prepare for such opening? What are the procedures?

Most importantly, it is worth knowing, that opening a shooting range for civilians is the whole different story than doing it for the sake of military employees. In case of civilian shooting range the requirements are easier to meet. Sadly, not all administrative workers are aware of this, as regulations in many places are not precise enough. That’s why it is worth equipping yourself with patience and be ready to write many letters of revocation, basing your way of thinking on specific laws, when we will get refusal at first.


Area for a shooting range.

A place for a shooting range has to meet the requirements. It cannot be placed on the territory of national park or reservoir (although it can be in the neighbourhood). It also cannot be localized in places specific for schools, hospitals etc. When thinking about localization, we should consider that such place is quite noisy and it will be wise to avoid residential estates. Additionally any water grounds has to be at least one meter deep. When lending territory for a shooting range it is strongly advised to note intended usage.



The only formality that has to be done after the shooting range is established is application to voivodeship, mayor or president of the city for an approval of regulations on the shooting range. Template of such rules can be found in proper law, accustomed by MSWiA (in case of Poland). It can be copied or modified, depending on the needs. When it is prepared well (and when it’s based on those templates in cannot be otherwise) it should be quickly approved and there is no reason to reject it, especially on sight. Officials cannot, for example, contemplate on the plans of shooting range, as it does not lie in their competences to do so. In case of rejection or refusal, when the reason is not knowing the law by said officials, we should quickly apply with revocation, for the further investigation.


After receiving positive decision, we should immediately complete any documents that are required in our area adding to that the rules we just established and confirmed and collecting any decisions on that with plans of shooting range with any suitable solutions, like evacuations roads, sanitary points etc. The owner of a shooting range has to also prepare specific information to be visible on the shooting range, that includes alarm calls or means of contact to reach him or medical support. It is also strongly advised to create your own set of alarm signals, which should be simple, to ensure that in case of any danger, everyone is noted as soon as possible. Those signals are typically sound-based or can include flares in case of bigger objects.