Are you looking for a extraordinary gift? You will find it on the shooting range

Trend for minimalism and satiation of things made us considering events the most popular form of gits. Instead of material item, which is only taking place in our flat, we are more and more often gifting our friends with experiences, they will remember for long. Tokens, that can be spend for such sessions are a great idea for a gift to anyone, who claims to “have everything”. Because there maybe many items in our home, and never enough fascinating experiences.


One of such idea may involve visit at the shooting range. Such tokens can be bought, for example in Cracow Shooting Academy. It is a company that is offering universal services connected to shooting sports, including courses and events, including possibility of training with instructor. Company is in possession of large shooting range in the outskirts of Cracow – Pasternik. This is where such tokens can be spend.


Who may be the target of such proposition? To use such token you do not have to have any special licences or allowances. You don’t have to have any experience with firearms. In opposition to many stereotypes, it is not a gift only for men – women are more and more interested in shooting and not a single one will be happy from such gift. Going together, may be even a smart idea for an extraordinary date, which will be surely remembered for a long time.


How much does it cost?

The price is very dependent on the shooting package we will choose. We can utilize one of the preconstructed packages or design our very own one, trying to appeal to the liking of gifted person. What’s important, in Cracow Shooting Academy, we can also but a token of specific value, which gifted person can later utilize they way he or she wants, simply choosing the weaponry and number of shots.


What are the exemplary prices? For the most basic we will pay 120 PLN per person. It has 30 shots, 10 for each type of weapon: Colt, MP5 Submachine and Glock. The most expensive package costs 30 PLN and allows to take as much as 70 shots with many different types of weaponry, including AK-47 Kalashnikov or UZI.


Instructor’s caretaking is included in price of every package, who is training with you whole the time and is a guarantee of safety for you, and every friend participating. Therefore, every participant can count on theoretical introduction, safety precautions such as protection glasses and ANS headphones and learning about all principles.


How to realize such token?

After receiving of gifting token on the shooting range of Cracow Shooting Academy, you have to reserve the most sufficient date – it is important, because only then you will be sure, that you will be greeted with free space and instructor to look after you and you friends. It is also important that all rules still apply, no matter the paid price and failing to obey them will result in forced extraction out of the shooting range, without any returns of money. After all it is important, that everyone, including yourself, will stay safe during the adventure. Don’t be afraid – just be sure to follow the procedure and instructors orders and you will have wonderful time, during your experience.