A bachelor or bachelorette party on a shooting range? Why not?

Getting married is a serious change in life, so no wonder that it became a standard to celebrate this moment with a blast. Before it comes to the wedding though, the bride and the groom have fun of their own - ladies with their friends and gentlemen with theirs. It's quite an old tradition, although nowadays bachelor and bachelorette parties don't have much in common with old rites. The only preserved tradition is that the whole thing is organized by the best man and the maid of honor. So how does a bachelor or bachelorette party look like? Well, it all depends on the creativity of best man and maid of honor, and on the bride and the groom's preferences. Till not so long ago it was very popular to party hard in a club, with a mandatory element of erotics, usually in a funny way. Nowadays, more and more people find such ideas indecorous and what's actually winning is creativity in organization of bachelor or bachelorette party. The goal? It has to be a night to remember. The best option is to do something unusual that we wouldn't do on a daily basis, so a trite party in a club is off the table.

A great idea for a bachelor party could be an indoor shooting range based event, pumped with adrenaline. Cracow Shooting Academy offers organization of such events, with highest level service and keen attention to detail. So what's the plan? Depending on which package among offered ones you choose, you will have a chance to test one or various types of guns. What weapons are we talking about? Starting with iconic AK-47 rifle and sniper rifles, to revolvers and best quality pistols. Qualified instructors will watch over you the whole time. Also a training of safe gun use, shooting position and aiming is provided. Every participant will receive protective glasses and soundproof headphones, which makes the whole party a hundred percent safe. No shooting skills are required. Thanks to constant presence of instructors, even a total beginner, who has never had a gun in their hand can take part in the event, and it will be no problem whatsoever.

Shooting range in Cracow, part of Cracow Shooting Academy, offers also a venue for having an actual party - a pub where you can enjoy time with your friends over a couple of beers of other drinks. Obviously, this part of the event will take place already after shooting activities. The regulations of shooting range forbid to use guns under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. It is important to remember this while planning the schedule for your bachelor party.

Well, what about bachelorettes? Although shooting is considered a typically manly sport, it’s also a great idea to bring your girlfriends to a shooting range. Who said shooting is any less attractive for women? Definitely the girls will remember such evening much better than another visit in a SPA. Besides, it is a myth that women can’t shoot. Even though a lot of them never had a chance to try shooting, they very often find themselves surprisingly good at it. What’s important, instructors at Cracow Shooting Academy organized many bachelorette parties so they know how to work with girls too. They’ll be happy to advise on an offer that will satisfy all participants of the party. 

Additionally there is a possibility of renting a bus to and from Cracow Shooting Academy, giving you also safe and cheap transport for the whole group.