How to prepare for visiting a shooting range?

Polish people love to shoot. Visiting shooting range gets more and more popular. Whole families are having fun in such activities. There are also a lot of people interested in professional shooting competitions. What should you remember about shooting range when preparing to visit one?

Only for sober
Only sober people are welcome on the shooting range. Drinking any alcohol is forbidden before attending to such place. Any narcotics and psychotropic medicine are excluded as well. Being generally reasonable is advice, as we are endangering ourselves and other people, coming unprepared or simply in bad shape, either tired or during medication, which can affect our concentration. It is a matter of safety, one single most important thing on the shooting range.

What should I bring to shooting range?
To properly enjoy your stay at shooting range, you should bring your identification as it should be notified in the special book. 

In case of juvenile people, everything depends on the regulations, different to all places. More often than not, they can participate in the shooting. Sometimes a written approval is enough, sometimes parent has to be present during any activities.

How to dress for shooting range?
There is no such thing as obligatory outfit on the shooting range. You should use your common sense and remember that it ought to be comfortable, don’t limit your movement and be adequate to the weather. The best way to dress up is to have layers of outfit. Thanks to such approach it may be warm when we are listening to instructions, which tend to take time, especially when unexperienced shooters are involved. One of such layers can be taken off for the practical activities. During cold days, thin and comfortable gloves are advised.

For the summer, outfit should be adjusted for the hot weather, but body should be protected from shells. Therefore, clothing ought to cover both arms and torso. For the same reason, we should always bring a footwear that covers whole feet. Ladies should remember to pass on décolletage. Burns caused by a shell dropped inside your shirt is very painful, and chaotic, preventing movement can be very dangerous to anyone around.

Protective equipment for a marksman
Sight and hearing should be always protected while on the shooting range. Loud explosions are significantly above the safety level, which can damage our ears. That’s why during visit, stoppers or headphones are strongly advised. It does not have to a professional equipment. For the beginners, simple ANC headphones are enough to prevent damage, and they can be bought in any supermarket with safety equipment. More advanced visitor may want to invest in headphones connected to microphone. Such equipment can filter the noise, letting us hear our friends, while still preventing the damage.

It is also worth wearing safety glasses. There are available in the same shops, as the other mentioned parts of suits. Before heading to a nearby shooting range, we should check if any equipment is available on sight, or is it required to bring your own. While investing in your equipment is a good idea, you should firstly check out if the shooting is a hobby for you. After all, with better skills and abilities it will be also easier to buy the best EQ for you.