Shooting range – good idea for business

Not long ago, a niche, a sport for a few passionate people. Handling a weapon was popular maybe between hunters, military forces or… criminals. Average Pole had no idea how to use a gun, or even touched one. That was a situation, decade ago.

Today, shooting is getting constantly more popular, and handling a weapon well is simply fashionable. Polish people fell in love with shooting. Paramilitary organizations are growing stronger, reconstruction and shooting groups are developing. Year after year, the number of people trying to get a right to have a weapon is rapidly growing.

Why we fell in love with shooting?
Who didn’t played with sticks or branches, pretending as if it was a true weapon? Who haven’t adored protagonists in action movies, who aimed perfectly, no matter the circumstances? Going to shooting range, we can go back to those emotions. And finally fulfill our dreams about holding the true gun.

Shooting became fashionable, because we live in those times, where everyone want to stand out and we can do this by doing a special sport in our free time. Extreme sports are rather a common thing now, marathon orders are no longer that impressive… Shooting, even though growing in community, still remains a niche and entertainment for elite. Photo from such activity blows up social media.

Additionally, visiting a shooting range is a great way to simply relax. On one hand, it gives a lot of growing, strong emotions, and on the other hand there is still a necessity of concentration involved, that requires focus, which calms and unload any stress you might have. That’s why many people start with recreational shooting, but quickly turn to marksmanship and begin to train regularly. 

Poles are arming
Rules regarding rights to possess a weapon in Poland are quite restrictive. A complicate verification procedure, ending with exam, is required to obtain such license. Although it is not an easy task, year after year the number of people, successfully certificated grows. According to Police, during last year, as much as 206 thousand Poles had a permission to use a weapon. Growing number of licenses derives from Polish people, being quite clever about the law. It is hard to obtain a license while using a weapon to defend yourself, but much more easier as a collector. Besides as a collector you can collect any type of gun and use them to defend yourself nevertheless. 

Is shooting range a good idea for business? 
Growing popularity of shooting in generals makes people invest in shooting ranges. Is it a good idea for business? Surely, a well thought object will attract many interested people. You can count on amateurs, interested in recreational shooting and passionate people organized within their communities or associations. It is also profitable to throw some parties or organize events. Stag nights or integrational parties are most fashionable now. With all that in mind, you have to remember about government project: “shooting range in every county”, which may quickly saturate the market. Thinking about shooting range as an entrepreneur requires you to not only build an object, but also provide it with good and diverse equipment. It will surely attract a lot of people, willing to try a new hobby and therefore will be a profitable bussiness.