What do you need to know before visiting shooting range?

Shooting is the new trendy. Not only amongst the growing number of competitors, but also with a lot of new amateurs, taking their chances with holding the weapon for the first time. After all it does not require to attend specialist courses, join communities or organizations. Most shooting ranges in the country has something called “recreational shooting”, which stands for great entertainment to everyone – also those who had not had any contact with the gun before. Often you can also present it to others, simply by buying it as gift. It’s a great idea, which will incorporate unforgettable emotions to gifted person.

What do you need to know, before going to shooting range for the first time? What to expect? Is it safe?

Let’s start by answering the last question. Shooting is a safe sport. Obviously, accidents happen, but there are always caused by either recklessness or not obeying the rules. In case of recreational shooting, there is always an instructor, that serves not only to teach but also keep participants safe from any harm.

How to choose a good shooting range?
Although everyone can open a shooting range, since owner does not need to meet any special requirements, place has to be properly prepared nevertheless or it won’t be opened by authorities. That’s why, when going out on shooting range, you can be sure, that safety rules apply there. All you have to do is checking out the offer. There are many different ranges, different in size, kinds of weaponry or targets. It is also worth reading about instructors, the place has to offer. Patient instructor will make your stay enjoyable and pleasant. 

How to dress? What to bring?
There is no such thing as required outfit for the shooting range. Although there are plenty of fancy military suits lovers, common, sportswear is more than enough. It is only important that your suite is comfortable and does not limit your movement. Shoes are the most impotant piece – flat and stable. Most shooters are also bringing the outfit that will fully cover their arms as it protects from random hot shards. 
It is also worth checking, before going to a shooting range if our package contains such basic equipment as protection glasses and ANS headphones. Nowadays it is a standard, but in case of other situation, they should be taken by participant. In case of not having proper headphones, you can use stoppers. 
You should definitely have an personal ID with you. There are places that can be attended only by adults and therefore such checks might occur. On some of the shooting ranges, younger people may try their skill but only with parents around. Sometimes written acceptance is enough.

How to behave on the shooting range?
Everyone with bought shooting package, no matter if amateur or professional should be listening to the instructor and follow the rules of the object. In case of breaking such rules, the shooting is stopped, guilty people are to exit the place. Their money and later activities are basically lost. What are the most important rules? Basic rules stands: instructor is always right. He is judging the situations and giving signals to start or stop shooting. Just listen to him and you should be fine, but remember no to point on everyone else, even with unloaded gun!